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Triad3 played Final Fantasy VII

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Triad3 said...
  • sad
In my view the PS3 conversion of FFVII was complete waste of money. :(
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Is it just the same game ported to the PSN store....or did they try to improve upon the game?
@Nidrew I thought when it explained that it was converted for PS3 that it meant that it was upgraded but in my opinion it was worse that the PS1 version. Or maybe it has been so long since play it that I forget what it looked like but it was horrible to me. I already have the PS1 FFVII. I never would have bought from network store if new it would be like it was.
Thats one of the problems with playing old games...we have become so jaded with all the new pretty graphics that when we go back to games we once loved we get the reaction you had. I tried with Virtua Racing for the Sega 32X....it was PAINFULL to look at, and that used to be one of my favorite games.
@Nidrew HAHAHA!!! That is very true! We are indeed spoiled now. I am following a Square employee on Twitter. I am on verge of asking her if any way they can remake the FF games for PS3.
I was talking about that with someone the other day....like pollishing up the old PS2 games..I would think they would be the easiest.
@Nidrew Aye!! I would love if they did that!! And add trophies to them! I just looked at the manual that was in FFVII and the in game shots there looked better than what was on PS3. I am thinking to play it decently it will be better to play it on PS2. If I get desperate, I will hook it up.
Final Fantasy trophies.....fealing all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it :)
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